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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Evacuated students to enroll at Islamic institute

Evacuated students to enroll at Islamic institute
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Evacuated students to enroll at Islamic institute

The 44 Rwandan students who were evacuated from Egypt, on Saturday, are expected to proceed their studies at the Islamic institute in Kigali until the situation in Cairo normalizes, the Mufti of Rwanda Sheikh Swaleh Habimana said, yesterday.

According to Habimana, necessary preparations have been finalized for the students to proceed with their studies at the Islamic Institute as they wait to head back to Egypt.
 “We have everything in place and I am expected to meet them on Wednesday to discuss how the programme will be handled, after which they will immediately begin studies,” said Mufti

The Mufti said that the institute has professional lecturers who will facilitate the transition.

“Our lecturers are not quite different from those in Cairo; they are professional and I am optimistic that this will be a smooth transition.

Habimana noted that the government is ready to take back the students to Egypt to continue with their studies as soon as the political atmosphere stabilizes.
The Islamic institute, built by the Sudanese government, offers both Islamic studies and other disciplines.

Meanwhile, one the students, Daudi Bishokaninyindi, said that some of their colleagues remained in Cairo, but they safe.

“Yesterday, they called me and assured me that they are safe and have all the basic needs so I would like to assure all Rwandans or their parents that their children are safe,” he said.

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