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Monday, March 5, 2012

More qualify for students bursary

More qualify for students bursary
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More qualify for students bursary

Over 3,000 out of the 4,503 university students hailing from the Southern Province have been shortlisted to receive government bursaries.

This was revealed by the governor of Southern Province, Alphonse Munyentwari, during an open dialogue with students at the National University of Rwanda.

Munyentwali said that the number represents 72 percent of the students from the region.

The rest of the students were overlooked after it was established that they were capable of pursuing their studies without government support

The new list was released after a decentralised census by local government authorities was carried out to ascertain the number of students who merit government bursaries.

The average number of students from the Province who have qualified for support tallies with that of the national average as revealed by the Rector of National University of Rwanda, Prof. Silas Lwakabamba.

Students welcomed the news but urged the government to apply more vigilance in the loan selection process.

During the meeting, the students raised the equally pressing issue of delivery of their monthly stipends after the selection process.

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