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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plan Rwanda school feeding project to start next month

Plan Rwanda school feeding project to start next month
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Plan Rwanda school feeding project to start next month

With an aim of improving the lives of children through eliminating malnutrition and hunger in a bid to achieve the universal primary education goal, Plan Rwanda, a non-profit organization in partnership with other stakeholders will kick-off a school feeding project next month.

According to Alfred Mupende, an official of the organization, the project will start in 76 schools of Bugesera and Gatsibo districts.

“We are in a phase of laying the foundation for this programme and so far, the necessary staff has been mobilized and discussions have been held with other stakeholders at district level,” Mupende said.

“Having reached this level, everything has been set for the project to start by mid next month. We believe that by then we shall be on the field.”

Earlier this year, Plan Rwanda signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Food Programme (WFP) to execute this project based on Plan’s expertise in community-based approaches.

Mupende adds that this project will not only concentrate on feeding children but will also benefit other vulnerable groups prone to nutritional problems such as HIV positive people and lactating mothers.

“The plan is to run an expanded programme that will comprise of nutrition support to families especially those with vulnerable people, we will also promote the culture of school and kitchen gardens as well as sustainable animal husbandry.”

During her visit to the country, the president and CEO of Plan International based in Canada, Rosemary Mc Carney noted that the programmes that will be offered through the project will accelerate the achievement of millennium development goals one and two.

Goals one and two aim at eliminating extreme poverty and hunger as well as achieving universal primary education.

“Once the vulnerable people benefit from the 11nutrition centers and 10 antiretroviral therapy facilities that will be set up, development goals will be met.”

According to WFP officials the program will cost a total of $2.3 million of which $450,000 will be contributed by Plan Rwanda.

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