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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teachers arrive to conduct English training

Teachers arrive to conduct English training
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Teachers arrive to conduct English training

Hundreds of teachers from Uganda and other regional countries are expected to arrive in Rwanda, today, to conduct a three-week English training programme for local teacherstraining local teachers fors.

Over 935 teachers, including some Rwandans, will first undergo a one-week orientation session before they are dispatched to different districts in the country”, a senior official at Rwanda’s High Commission in Uganda, said.

When they arrive, they will be guided on what to do,” First Counsellor, Daniel Mutezintare said, yesterday.

Emmanuel Muvunyi, the Executive Secretary of the Teachers Service Commission, said: “We are expecting to train them for one week from different areas like Kayonza, Kanombe, and others. It’s from there that they will be sent to various districts of the country to officially begin training teachers.”

He further noted that all the trainers will be on part-time work not permanent as some people had initially thought.
The teachers are required to hold a minimum qualification of Diploma or Degree in education with specialization in English teaching as a language.

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