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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Public not aware of ICT plan"

"Public not aware of ICT plan"
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"Public not aware of ICT plan"

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT in the Office of the President, David Kanamugire, has said that there is still limited public awareness of the National ICT (NICI) plan.

He made the remarks, yesterday, during a meeting that brought together stakeholders in the ICT sector, including development partners.

The one-day forum is discussing achievements, challenges and targets in the sector.

“The public is not aware of the many ICT projects that were developed under the NICI plans and this needs to be addressed,” he said.

Kanamugire stressed that limited stakeholder commitment was also a challenge because many ICT projects are still perceived to be ‘Rwanda Development Board-IT projects’.

He mentioned that 83 out of 106 Government institutions have been connected to the Kigali Metropolitan Network and have access to high speed connectivity.

Kanamugire said that wireless broadband services, which were tested, are currently being used by almost 300 users, adding that 80 percent of Kigali City is covered.

The forum was also an opportunity for the stakeholders to discuss and come up with policy recommendations and priorities for 2011/2012.

“Our main focus in the next fiscal year will be to facilitate the process of sustaining the economic development and growth towards improving the national prosperity and global competitiveness through the implementation of NICI 3,” Kanamugire noted.

Birgit Hansl, the World Bank Acting Country Manager, noted that the next ICT plans should incorporate other players..

“It will be important in the next stage of ICT development to involve the private sector in the coordination and implementation,” he said.

Hansl stated that World Bank supports the vision of the government towards the NICI3 development plan.

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