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Monday, March 5, 2012

Minister urges students to be self-reliant

Minister urges students to be self-reliant
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Minister urges students to be self-reliant

The Minister of Local government, James Musoni, has urged students at Umutara Polytechnic University to work hard and become self-reliant.

The minister made the remarks, over the weekend, while meeting with the management, staff and students of the university in Nyagatare.

Musoni told the students that the main tool to attain self reliance was to first have a clear thinking and appreciation of the situation.

He noted that the country had experienced bad leadership, but hard work was the driving force behind the government today.

“Industrious leaders have transformed the country’s economy into a nation with a hugely growing per capita income,” he noted.

”For one to develop, you have to first know where you are and design where you are headed,” The minister emphasised.

“If you don’t evaluate where you are today…you cannot know where you are going,” he added.

Reacting to questions raised by students over the government’s decision to scrap the Rwf 25,000 monthly allowances to government sponsored students, Musoni explained that the money was diverted to other projects within the education sector.

He added that the country was on the right course of development which requires competition.

The Rector, Prof. Phillip Brierly, said that since the university’s inception in 2006, it had progressed towards becoming a centre of excellence.

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