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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Evening classes at vocational schools

Evening classes at vocational schools
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Evening classes at vocational schools

Effective January next year, schools teaching vocational skills will offer evening classes to enable people with day-time jobs to upgrade their skills.

The development was announced, Sunday, by the State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Mathias Harebamungu, during a town hall meeting.

“Many people wish to take up vocational studies but have no time because they work during the day, which is the same time that vocational programmes are offered,” he said.

Didier Munezero, the Director of Partnerships at Workforce Development Agency (WDA), told The New Times that the priority institutions to offer part-time classes are those in urban areas and model schools.

“We will start with schools located in or near urban centers where we expect a big number of working people to enroll for the courses. Model schools like Tumba College, Kavumu and Kicukiro colleges of technology, are priority too because they have ample facilities,” Munezero said, adding that other vocational schools may follow suit once resources are available.

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