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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plan laid for competitive ISAE graduates

Plan laid for competitive ISAE graduates
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Plan laid for competitive ISAE graduates

The meeting follows a survey on the status of ISAE’s graduates, commissioned by the institute.

Stakeholders at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, (ISAE) Busogo, are meeting in Kigali to discuss and devise measures to ensure that the institute produces competitive graduates for the labour market.

“Our target was to get a feedback from employers of our former students who graduated within the last ten years,” said the head of Rural Development and Agro-business at ISAE, Edward Mutandwa.

He explained that employers’ response will play a significant role in planning for the academic programs new students will pursue.

“By bringing stakeholders together, we want to have their input in the validation of our academic program,” he added.

Mutandwa pointed out that although the institute has achieved a lot, more needs to be done to ensure that the programs go in line with the changes in the labour market.

Addressing reporters, the institute`s Rector, Dr. Charles Karemangingo, said that the move is also in line with the national education standards.

“More programs may be put in place and existing ones certified. We are looking at maintaining market-driven education,” Karemangingo said.

He noted that the move would enhance the quality of education offered at the institute.

The Minister of Education, Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, commended the initiative, adding that it gives proper guidance to higher institutions of learning.

“Such an exercise is relevant if institutions of higher learning are to meet the skills’ demand of the labour market,” Habumuremyi observed.

By Grace Mugoya

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