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Monday, March 5, 2012

Minister commends Kamonyi teachers

Minister commends Kamonyi teachers
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Minister commends Kamonyi teachers

The state minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Mathias Harebamungu has commended teachers in Kamonyi district for their efforts in improving education

standards in the area.

The minister was in Kamonyi last week to witness the presentation of 2010 Kamonyi teachers’ performance contracts, locally known as ‘Abesamihigo’.

Harebamungu noted that Kamonyi district has a vision of improving education as evidenced from the teacher’s performance contracts set by each sector.

“These contracts are based on the pillars of development and indicate clearly that Kamonyi teachers are determined to improve education. This is a first and a good example that should be emulated by other districts,” Harebamungu stated.

The minister who was in the company of MP Alphonsine Mukarugema, Governor Fidele Ndayisaba, and various district officials also commissioned newly constructed 9-Year Basic Education classrooms at E.S Rosa Myistica and GS. St Jean Bosco-Kamonyi. 

He also advised teachers to be agents of social change and use their status to transform their respective communities.

Harebamungu, revealed that the ministry will reward the best performers and promised support to the education programmes within the district.

At least 12 sectors that make up Kamonyi district presented their 2010 education contracts, highlighting their objectives that included; improved student performance, improved hygiene and girl students outreach programmes, fighting genocide ideology, HIV/Aids and Gender Based Violence, and promoting the use of English and ICT skills.

Governor Ndayisaba commended Kamonyi teachers and residents for their hard work, adding that they had positively responded to the construction of 9YBE classrooms.

At least 100 classes worth Rwf77m were constructed within a period of five months. Residents contributed over Rwf30m, Kamonyi Network (Rwf5.4m) and central government (Rwf40m).

Garuka Ushime Student’s alumni contributed Rwf2.9million, according to Jacques Rutsinga, the Mayor of Kamonyi.

MP Mukarugema called on residents to fight genocide ideology and embrace the culture of owning development initiatives by working closely with the government.
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