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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eight PLE candidates given wrong examination

Eight PLE candidates given wrong examination
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Eight PLE candidates given wrong examination

Though there were no major problems reported during this weeks’ Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), there was one hitch at one examination centre in Karongi District, where eight candidates received examination papers for which they were not meant to sit.

Sources at Mukungu ADPR examination centre, said the National Examination Council packaged eight copies of the English examination scripts together with Mathematics papers that was supposed to be done on Tuesday.

English was expected to be done yesterday
It was only after the exam that the students realized that they had sat for a wrong paper.

“Towards the end of the exam, the students saw their colleagues frequently using calculators and other mathematical equipments. It’s when the 8 students who had received the wrong copies realized that they were doing a different paper,” Michel Mulindankiko, the district education director told The New Times yesterday.

On realising the mistake, he added, the eight students were immediately separated from the rest in order to avoid leaking the exam to their colleagues.

“We have convinced them why they must not leak the exam and thus are temporarily holding them together in one house until the English exam also is done today by
the others,” he said.

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