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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Over 36,000 students complete Itorero

Over 36,000 students complete Itorero
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Over 36,000 students complete Itorero

Students numbering 36,115, who sat for their A’ Level national exams this year, yesterday completed a three-week civic education training at various camps across the country.

The official closing of the training, locally known as Itorero ry’Igihugu, was held at Nyamirambo Regional Stadium, where over 2,200 students converged.

Students now attend the training in their home districts , as opposed to the past when the programme used to be conducted at Nkumba Peace and Leadership Centre in Burera District.

 Sandra Uwingeri, one of the trainees, said Itorero helped them understand the country’s history, its achievements and aspirations.

“We learnt our responsibilities as youth; to fight anything that can take the country back to the abyss that was witnessed in 1994,” she said.

“We now understand what we are worth as youth; to be at the forefront to fight genocide ideology, corruption and drug abuse,” said Casmir Muhoza, who completed from ESTB Busogo.

On his part, Ivan Nziza Kayumba, who completed his studies at CIESK Secondary School in Nyarugenge, said they would spearhead the implementation of development programmes, such as sensitizing the public to join the medical insurance scheme Рmutuelle de santé Рforming unity and reconciliation clubs, and to be job-creators rather than job-seekers.

At the event, officiated by the Minister of Youth, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, , students also signed performance contracts (Imihigo) with the ministry to form unity and reconciliation clubs, fight corruption and drug abuse and fight gender based violence, among other social vices.

Nsengimana observed that cases of drug abuse among the youth were still high,  and he took the opportunity to warn bar owners against  selling alcohol to persons under the age of 21.

“The law is clear; selling alcoholic drinks to a person under that age is illegal. Once caught, they will be charged accordingly.”

“We need to be one team; one vision; one nation,” he added.

By Bosco R. Asiimwe

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