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Sunday, March 4, 2012

School marks 82nd anniversary

School marks 82nd anniversary
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School marks 82nd anniversary

Students and teachers at Groupe Scolaire Official de Butare (GSOB) Indatwa n’Inkesha ,have vowed to maintain excellence in academics and sports.

Father Pierre Celestine Rwirangira, the headmaster of the school, made the remarks, last Sunday, during a colourful ceremony to mark 82 years since its establishment in1929 by the Brothers of Charity.
“Excellence and exemplariness is our label and we are not about to stop this legacy, but become the icons of excellent education, promoting cultural values and patriotism,” Father Rwirangira told students and alumni.

He noted that the success of the school lies in working together as a team and having one vision shared among students and staff members.

Dr. Venant Ntabomvura, who joined the school in 1939, gave his testimony on the value of education and importance of carrying on the legacy of excellence.

“This school was among the few in Rwanda and only the best students in all parishes were enrolled. We should always stand out as the best of the best,” said the 85-year old doctor.

The 82nd anniversary was marked with the reviving of the GSOB students’ alumni (Indatwa n’Inkesha association) and exhibition of the historical events and artefacts collected since the Belgian colonial era.

The school also awarded scholastic materials to close to 50 best students in last term’s exams.

The Mayor of Huye, Eugene Muzuka Kayiranga, hailed the Brothers of Charity for supporting the school over the past years, and reaffirmed the district’s support. 

GSOB is one of the top ten schools in Rwanda and has a legacy of winning both on the academic and sports fronts.

Over 6,000 students have passed through the school since its establishment.

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