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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I always aim for the top – Best science candidate

I always aim for the top – Best science candidate
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I always aim for the top – Best science candidate

Justus Karenzi, one of the top science students in last year’s A’ level examinations, says that
his excellent performance was a result of motivation from his classmates and family.

Karenzi, a student at Lycee De Kigali, could not contain his excitement when he learnt of the

“I was always the best in class. My classmates had confidence in me and they always encouraged
me to work hard telling me that I could make it,” Karenzi said.

The 18-year old, however, said that the news came as a surprise.

“The exams were so difficult, especially Mathematics. The hope to be among the best had
evaporated,” he said.

Karenzi said that his family and teachers were always supportive throughout his education.
“They played a big role in my excellence.”

“I hope to do civil engineering at university,” he said, adding that he wants to play a role in
the development of the country, though his civil engineering skills.

His message to other students is that they should work hard and read many books not only to
pass exams, but to acquire knowledge.

“I urge students to always help one another in class and to pray to God for wisdom.

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