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Sunday, March 4, 2012

First ladies visit students at Gako

First ladies visit students at Gako
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First ladies visit students at Gako

First Ladies Jeannette Kagame and her visiting counterpart First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Janet Museveni, participated in the monthly community service, Umuganda, contributing to the construction of six classrooms at Groupe Scolaire Nkanga. The classrooms are meant to accommodate students under the new 12 years basic education program.

Prior to participating in Umuganda, the First Ladies visited a solar energy project managed by genocide widows in Batima village, Rweru Sector of Bugesera District.

The women, who trained in India, currently import raw materials, assemble the entire solar energy system and do the installations as well. So far they have connected 230 houses and trained more women from the Western Province.

Mrs. Kagame and Mrs. Museveni followed this tour by visiting and addressing over 300 university students who are taking part in civic education – Itorero - at Gako in Bugesera district.

The First Lady of Rwanda, Mrs Jeannette Kagame,  told the students that she hoped they realized what a fortunate generation they are. “You are fortunate because you have leaders, parents and a country that is committed to developing you into future leaders,” Mrs. Kagame said.

“You have what many before you did not have – an equal chance, equal opportunities, and attainable dreams.”

She went on to advise them to “learn to be innovative and competitive and embrace discipline as a key ingredient in the realization of their dreams.”

First Lady Janet Museveni said that she felt gratified to see young Africans together trying to build a way of life for their country.

“Indeed, you are a fortunate generation. You should not take that for granted and to those that much is given, much is expected, so a lot has been invested in you, don’t misuse it,” she told the students.

Mrs Museveni added that Africa has, over many centuries, been humiliated but the current generation has the obligation to change the image of the continent.

“You are certainly not needed in the western countries; you are needed in your own country and your continent. you have been given a chance to come back to your country and get education about your culture, what Rwanda is and what they expect of you, so make good use of it,” said the Ugandan First Lady.

She reminded the students that they have to take a leading role in recovering the dignity of Africa, noting that the continent is blessed with resources to make it a better place.

Mrs Museveni, advised the students to abstain from pre-marital sex saying it is the only reliable method that will prevent them from catching HIV/AIDS.

The president of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, Bishop John Rucyahana (Rtd), spoke to the students about African history and why the continent was left behind.

“The problem is we Africans have not taken the role to study and make critical analysis of who we are and have the desire to make Africa a better place,” he said.

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