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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Firm contributes towards 12YBE

Firm contributes towards 12YBE
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Firm contributes towards 12YBE

A Gold exploration company, Rogi, Wednesday, donated Rwf 6 million towards the construction of classrooms for 12-year Basic Education at two primary schools surrounding the mineral sites.

Group Scolaire Rusekera in Burera District and Mubuga Primary School in Gicumbi District received construction materials worth Rwf 4 million and a Rwf 1 million cheque.

 The two schools are adjacent to the mineral sites.

According to the company’s Managing Director, Oleg Mioseev, the donation was aimed at supporting the community and to set an example to other mining companies to support the communities where they operate from.

“We don’t want to be seen as just investors, but as investors who are pleased with Rwanda’s good governance in terms of improving the investment climate,” said Oleg, assuring that his company would improve the economy in the two sectors by supporting various community projects.

The company commended residents for shunning illegal mining practices, saying some have appreciated the importance of mining investments.

Meanwhile, in an interview, the vice president of Canadian-based UTM Exploration Services, Richard Beck, currently contracted by Rogi to carry out geological studies, said that gold deposits in Miyove Sector are more impressive compared to other countries the firm has previously conducted its activities.

“I have seen lots of gold in Canada, but Rwanda’s gold in this district is very impressive. Its free gold because it’s easy to obtain,” Beck mentioned.

According to Beck, gold in Gicumbi has potential to make Rwanda a gold business hub.

The Rogi Mining Company is currently exploring gold in the two sectors of Rusekera and Muyove on an area measuring 12 km long and 10.5 km wide.

The company hopes to complete the exploration operations in December and begin mining activities in early 2012. The firm which is financed by Simba Gold Corp is expected to spend more than US$ 4.5 million exploration activities in Miyove.

Rogi mining is a Cyprus-based exploration company focused on the development of quality assets in Africa. It is currently targeting a concession from the government to mine the mineral in Miyove, Gicumbi District.

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