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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Head teachers blamed for poor performance

Head teachers blamed for poor performance
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Head teachers blamed for poor performance

Head teachers in Nyagatare District have been blamed for not ably executing their duties which has led to underperformance of students in class.

The Inspector General of Schools, Narcisse Musabeyezu, told the head teachers that they should take the responsibility for the poor performance.

Musabeyezu’s reaction came after the district Director of Education, Martin Hakizimana, presented an annual report which indicated a decline in performance by students from the various primary and secondary schools in the district.

The report also indicated that some primary pupils are promoted without merit, with some reaching their final year in primary school without knowing how to write properly their own names.

“It’s a shame to hear students failing under your supervision. You should change your mind set and teaching methodologies,” Musabeyezu said, adding that a good teacher and good school always hinged on a good management.

He added that the government offers capitation grant to facilitate schools but lack of planning and consciousness has remained a big issue.

“You should develop a planning mechanism and be conscious of how you manage your schools. You must adopt a policy of tight supervision of students and teachers,” Musabeyezu said.

In his report, the district education director highlighted a number of issues that affect performance, including the lack of materials like desks and toilets.

On the issue of recruitment of foreign teachers without proper documents, Jackson Ngabonziza, the Immigration Officer in charge of Gatsibo and Nyagatare, reminded head teachers that any foreign teacher must acquire a visa and work permit before he or she is employed.

There has reportedly been a massive influx of foreign teachers in Nyagatare schools.

By Dan Ngabonziza

Updated on Mar 1, 2011 by Salvatore Desiano (Version 2)

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