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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carnegie Mellon begins enrolment

Carnegie Mellon begins enrolment
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Carnegie Mellon begins enrolment

Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda (CMU-R) has begun registering prospective students, in preparation for the commencement of it programmes in Rwanda next year.

Carnegie Mellon, a top US varsity, will establish and operate an academic programme in Kigali, initially offering a Master of Science in ICT programme.

With a history of excellence in higher education and as a global leader in technological innovation, Carnegie Mellon will be the first U.S research institution to offer degrees in Africa with an in-country presence.

According to the Director of Business Strategy & Operations of CMU-R, Crystal Rugege, the university is currently accepting applications for the first programme on their website.

“Starting in January 2012, we will be offering a series of professional development courses under the theme: ICT Trends and Strategies in East Africa.

“Three different courses will be offered from January to May and in August 2012, we will be offering a Master’s Degree in Information Technology,” says Rugege.

“We are primarily targeting Rwandans and East Africans, but the programme is open to any nationality that wishes to apply.”

The university will, for the meantime, operate from the fourth floor of Telecom House in Kacyiru pending the construction of its campus.

The African Development Bank has granted the Government of Rwanda US$13 million to build a campus for CMU-R, with RDB responsible for overseeing the construction works, which are projected to be complete by 2014.

Next week, on Monday, an information session on the vision of the university and its potential impact on Africa will he held. It will feature speakers from CMU alumni, representatives from Ministry of Education, ICT Chamber among others.

By Charles Kwizera

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