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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Call to support 48-year-old school

Call to support 48-year-old school
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Call to support 48-year-old school

The decrepit state of Ecole Primaire Busake in Muhondo Sector of Gakenke District, has forced parents to raise their voices seeking immediate government intervention in building the school that opened its doors in1963.

Some of the parents who spoke to The New Times said children from neighbouring villages abandoned the school and opted to make long distances to better schools.

“Our school still operates in poor and rundown classroom structures which are even dangerous to the lives of our children,” said Felix Ugrimbabazi, the parent`s representative, in an interview.

He explained that parents are committed to contributing to the school`s development, but need extra support.

“We have made bricks and (availed) quarry stones but we do not have more funds to start construction or even buy other required materials,” he lamented.

The school headmaster, Malachie Birege, said that, currently, the school has a pupil population of 287.

When contacted to give a comment about the poor state of the school, the district Education Officer, Jean Bosco Hakizimana, said of the district’s plans to improve or redevelop the school.

“I only assumed this office, last year, but we have come up with a work plan to build and expand this school in a given timeframe -- at least in the course of next year,” Hakizimana said.

He explained that the school was operating under government management until 2007, when it became independent, arguing that this had also made it lag behind.

The New Times

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