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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Accounting for the school holidays

Accounting for the school holidays
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Accounting for the school holidays

It is clear that the school holidays have clearly run their course with some students set to return to school at the end of this weekend? For the students the complaint is always that the days rushed so fast and that it feels like just yesterday when the second term ended.

Well, the holiday was a short one depending on how one utilised it. The purpose of holidays is to give students and teachers some rest from the daily demands of school life.

But since the holiday is not that long save for the one at the end of the year, we can thus assume that the holiday is more of a break before one embarks on the next school term.

The final term of the school year implies that a wise student should have used the holiday break to prepare for the last stretch of the school term. This preparation can take several forms. For example, one can choose to revise subjects where they have problems.

In the spirit of getting a much deserved rest, one can decide to stay off their books for the whole stretch of the holiday but take time to strategise for the next term by for instance, visiting a bookshop to look for books that may help in particular subjects.

The annual trade exhibition at Gikondo was one of the main events that took place during the holiday. A responsible parent or guardian should have found the time to take or let their child visit the show grounds. There is a lot one can learn from the expo as far as the trade sector of the country is concerned.

Unfortunately some students used the expo as an opportunity to indulge in non-productive activities like smoking and consumption of alcohol. This is why such students should not have been let to go to such places all by themselves.

On the health front, the holiday offers time for one whose studies were hindered by illnesses to find the time to visit a doctor for a thorough medical check-up so that by the time the new term begins they are in fine health.

Prevention is better than cure and this is a smart move that can be equated to servicing a car before a long road trip.

Socially, a wise student should have utilised some of their time to visit friends and relatives. Teachers too should have used the holiday break to get enough rest and recuperate so that the new school term finds them at the top of their game.

The problem is that some teachers do not really rest as they engage in offering extra classes to some students during the holiday in order to make extra money.

All said and done, when the new term begins the teachers should be fresh and ready to perform. The students on the other hand should not extend their holidays by delaying to report to school.

Students should be in position to write nice compositions describing how their holidays were spent. This can also be an oral exercise aimed at boosting public speaking skills with each student telling the rest about their holiday activities. 

Brian Senyonga

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