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Thursday, March 1, 2012

9YBE momentum should be maintained

9YBE momentum should be maintained
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9YBE momentum should be maintained

Recent statistics released by the Ministry of Education, show a rise in the Primary School completion rate, demonstrating an impressive impact of the Nine-Year Basic Education programme that went into force last year.
According to the statistics, the completion rate has increased from 52 to 75 percent in the 2009/2010 academic year, when the programme was introduced.

This is an encouraging development and it will inevitably boost government’s initiative to build a knowledge-based economy, as envisaged in Rwanda’s Vision 2020.
It shows that home grown policies are workable and can steer us to sustainable development , if we effectively use and support  them.

This, therefore, calls for the public to support the government in its quest for the welfare of the citizens by, for instance, continuing to contribute towards the completion of the classrooms meant for this cause.
According to the Ministry, there is need to embark on yet another campaign to prepare more classrooms that will accommodate the increasing numbers of students, as they advance to secondary education where there’s still shortage of rooms.

We have to work together towards this cause, if we are to have a future generation that is equipped with relevant skills and knowledge that will guarantee them the required competitive advantage in the region and beyond.

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