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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tracer study for KHI graduates

Kigali Health Institute (KHI) has launched a six-month survey that will enable the Institution to determine the employment status of its graduates.

About 3,000 students have graduated at the institute since it began in June 1996, but there is no substantial data base containing information regarding their where-abouts.

The overall significance of this new survey is to quantify the main employment markets for the graduates, thereby establishing the correlation between the type of employment and qualification of the graduate plus its associated satisfaction.

The tracer study will determine career mobility patterns as well as challenges graduates face in obtaining suitable employment.

David Kabagema, the Head of Research at KHI, told the media yesterday that it would be an appropriate means of evaluating the results of the education and training provided.

“The results of the study will indicate possible deficits and merits of KHI educational programmes and serve as a basis for future planning and improvement,” he noted.

“This will bring out a demonstration of the relative success between the graduates’ labour market and employer needs”.

Kabagema added that the study will eventually ensure the availability of adequate health manpower since it will provide information on challenges and opportunities encountered while serving the population.

Currently, KHI has a population of over 1,200 students.

Morris Kanyoni, the Principle Researcher in the survey, explained that a team of data collectors and entrants will move around the country identifying the number of graduates currently employed.

Focus group discussions will frequently be conducted so as to share any other information about the existing graduates.

The data collectors will also find out how many of the graduates have obtained post-graduate qualifications as well as the views of employers towards KHI graduates’ performance.

Questionnaires will also be displayed on the institution’s official website so that graduates who may not be reached physically can access it online.

 “We shall also eventually be able to ascribe an employment seniority status of KHI graduates such as operational, middle, senior management or executive level employees,” he said.

KHI was recently named best Healthcare Educational Institute in Africa. It was honoured with the Le Matinal Educational Excellence annual Award for innovation, academic and leadership interface as well as the supreme objective of building future leaders.

By Sam Nkurunziza

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