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Monday, October 22, 2012

Gasabo pupils get 4,000 laptops

At least 52 schools in Gasabo District have already benefited from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) programme, the mayor, Willy Ndizeye, said Friday. 

Operating under the Ministry of Education, OLPC aims at ensuring that at least every primary school pupil in Rwanda gains computer skills and uses the gadgets customised to suit the needs of a child.

Ndizeye made the remarks at a news conference called to highlight on the progress the district has achieved and future plans.

“Before the programme, it was almost impossible for some children especially those from vulnerable families to have access or practice skills they acquire in schools,” he said.

Ndizeye noted that given the national programme aimed at making the country a regional ICT hub, the young generation has a big role to play. 

He explained that with laptops at schools, students are having practical skills unlike before when teachers could concentrate more on theory.

He also said that the district is constructing more vocational schools to enable the passing out of more job creators than seekers.

During the conference, Ndizeye highlighted on a number of development projects that include infrastructure development like roads, schools and health centres.

Among others, Ndizeye said that the expropriation exercise of Kimicanga residents is going on smoothly, and will be completed depending on when the funds are available.

“In respect to the Kigali Master Plan, we are making sure that we give way to its implementation but also in respect of the rights of those who are being expropriated,” he said.

Early this year, the district started expropriating residents Kimicanga, to pave way for the development of the area in accordance with the Kigali City Master plan.

According to the plan, the area will be developed into what has been called Kimicanga Entertainment District, which will host a variety of recreational facilities. 

Another part of the area has been earmarked for development of apartments. 

The area had 492 landlords with 673 houses.

Implemented by Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA), the expropriation exercise being done in two phases and is estimated to cost government Rwf 2.5 billion.

The areas that have been earmarked for the evicted population include Gisozi, Nduba, Bumbogo, Jabana and Gatsata, all in Gasabo district. 

However, the district authorities have of recent been under criticism not only due to its performance in implementing its projects as per the 2011/2012 performance contracts that saw it ranked 29th out of the 30 districts, but even due to some decisions made that attracted mixed reactions from the public.

On the recent saga between city authorities and Papyrus Restaurant and Bar, a popular Kigali City hangout that was recently reported that it might be closed, the Mayor said, “All stakeholders met and the latest is that the proprietor is not meant to operate a discotheque, and Kigali City only advised the proprietor to comply with the approved plans of the building.”

By Susan Babijja

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