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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kagame to engage students live

This Friday, over 2000 university students from across Rwanda will have an opportunity talk to President Kagame through the “MeethePresident” forum which is set for October 18, 2012.

The president will, this Friday morning, be answering questions during a live session aired on Rwanda TV and Radio that will be hosted under the theme: “Building a Legacy of Self Reliance”.

By Wednesday students from across Rwanda and abroad had already started posting their questions on Kagame’s facebook page ranging from national economy, education, politics, and social welfare of Rwandans.  Below are some of the questions and comments posted:

Muhozi Isaac: “Mr. President, how the economy could grow while it has still low ways to insight Business men, conditions are not good? Which ways your government is ready to make?
Herbert Kayitale, “Mr. President, I stay in Uganda but would like to come to my country Rwanda and serve in the government. I’m an IT professional, can I be able to get a chance of being employed there. Am proud of your leadership and everything you do for our motherland. God bless you and Rwanda”.

Dunga Katongore Elia:  “Mr. president it's known that Agaciro Development Fund was initiated to cover up the western delayed budget support funds in order to keep on the same pace of development that Rwanda is apparently treading on, what is your option Z if the UN goes ahead and decides to put economic sanctions on Rwanda basing on the new UN report published on BBC this Wednesday morning that Rwandan minister of Defense is effectively commanding M23 rebels”.

Nah Floris: “I have an idea about how we can build many estates in rural area and town but I don’t have a place in government and I still in high school so I don’t know how I can present my idea to you. So I need your help thank u H.E president.

Nic Chaddy Clementos: “Thanks a lot for this lovely opportunity, let me organize very well my question concerning scholarship i will be asking a bit about it,

Matsiko Paulucas: “Mr. President, I appreciate your visionary leadership , my question is, what advantage do we as Rwandans have over other African countries that you think we can base on to achieve total independence from foreign aid and the vision 2020 goals? Thank you.

My question is about the high cost to the university (s) …. And it is great and every huge problem that may prevent some youth continue their courses. What can you do so that costs can be for all students in Rwanda? Remain blessed Mr. President

Sibo Peter Peter: Mr. president, Rwandans are always sensitive to take action when they are convinced the outcome of what they are doing, what strategies of furthering the sensitization leading to self reliance.
Jo Kaibanda Mr. President Let me contribute to this theme: Education may be the most important concept in self-reliance. Education, in part, is the process of obtaining knowledge, and “knowledge is power.” Those who are ignorant, or uneducated, are necessarily dependent since they must depend on others to tell them what to do, what is true, etc. With knowledge, we dispel myths and fears. With knowledge, we know truth and can defeat those who would enslave us. If we want to be self-reliant, we must be educated. Parents must ensure their children are educated, as well, if they are to become self-reliant. But, while education is important to being self-reliant, we will see that self-reliance is also important in getting an education. this will help Rwandan education growing.

Bob Allan Clarkson Karemera “Mr. President Thanks for your time but my question is how you would describe the next leader of this country after our past history”.

Peterson Kwizera Hello Mr. President: We are Youth from different Schools and Universities in Rwanda in a Small organization called YOUTH FOR HOPE with Mission to create a pool Rwandan youth contributing in steering the Nation towards a smart and sustainable development, We do many things but we don’t have an office, for now we are creating a TV show where Youth will be sharing Ideas, Knowledge, Skills, Talents, energy, enthusiasm to push our Nation to extraordinary heights that will benefit all Rwandans, you can find Us on Your Excellency Your help will be highly appreciated.

Museveni Paul:  Your Excellency, am proud of your exemplary leaderships I have a question and a comment, my question goes, which measure, are you putting place, to make this development we are seeing today more sustainable? Mr. president although the structures of empowering young people have been put in place, the implementations are still poor, due to mind set of young people and some of implementers  who still see young people as tools of their interests! Otherwise you already are doing great. We are proud of you. Thank you!

Lweyemamu Gregory: “Your H.E. President Kagame, Am flatted by your excellent work in keep Rwanda as a nation in order, but there right now it seems as if we losing control of our own policies and laws due to the fact that, Rwanda is associated with too much Conspiracy especially as far as Military is concerned as a President and our visionary for a peace and well managed nation, what is the step forward & mostly who are we to believe about the words we hear out there Sir. Tell us the Truth with DRC problems, The Generals, Lt. Generals & Colonels fielding away upon your agendas that there are personal not for National Security instead. May JESUS CHRIST BLESS U more for another 50years, because now you are our Father of the Nation like.J.K.Nyerere. Thank you.

Emmanuel Ndacyayisenga: hello Mr President; my question concerns the qaulity of education, here in Rwanda there are many new private universities. Now these units, do they have a competitive education quality with other universities?

Abdel Ntahontuye: Thank u His Excellence for this opportunity: my question is: why when the international community sees a country in Africa begin to be developed firstly they search some problems to bring it down?

Disability Free Rwanda: “Mr. President, do you have any employment opportunities planned for those young men and women living with disabilities?  What has a country done so far to help them become part of the developmental plans in the country?”

Rogers Sande: Mr. President thanks a lot for all you do, especially to this lovely opportunity where we can see together how we can continue to build our country. Our Excellence, I have a dream to see my country is one of the world reference countries: in economy, health, education, etc. Your excellence, at the end, I would to make my suggestion, in our country, the service providing is too low, we need to make the evaluation to the all providers from public & private sectors. Thank you.

Jean Claude: Your Excellency, the children need to be empowered a lot and one of the ways to do it, is a participation into developmental issues like this one. Thank you for that. Again, they need to compete in a more transparent environment. Please help us all understand that ‘Self Reliance’ for our country can only occur when everyone contributes. Owing to that, thanks again for the recent developments to make employment statistics available publicly. I’m a big fan!

Emile Niz: “Dear Mr. President, first of all let me start by saying that this drive to understand the concept of self reliance is probably the biggest and the most important ideology Rwanda and all countries in the same pool can have to better achieve that dream of dough things on our own. I just wish all countries have the same drive.

My question goes like this:” Considering that our annual budget was still mainly funded by foreign aid ( I believe a little over 50%. Correct me if I am wrong) and Now that that percentage is currently wiped out or relatively diminished due to the accusations our country leadership is being put under, don’t think that if will severely impact all our programs? Isn’t it maybe that even though we understand that we have to try to stand on our own we still need help that must get us from walking on all fours (metaphor of a toddler learning to walk) and later walk freely on our own. Isn’t maybe too soon for us to go to the next step? We may definitely have the right drive, motivation but if our timing is incorrect, it may harm our development altogether. I still applaud the idea of self reliance and I cannot wait to see it being implemented and us making progress. It is possible. We have been through a lot and this can be done too”.

Gloria Karengera:  “I would like to contribute to the theme from the angle of Education: Education is not just about going to class and passing exams, that is just the start; A real education in my view is one that enables you to learn principles and keep an open mind to discover more through all the resources available to one. I would rather be asked “what I think of X” rather than be asked “what is X” because with the former my ability to analyze is evoked. If I can analyze then the journey to self reliance begins.
Some of the students and youth community also thanked president Kagame for his leadership and encouraged him to keep moving on so as to attain the development the country needs. They also expressed anxiety to have a feedback from the president during the live streaming.

Posted comments included these: Eric Kenzo Sivihwa “Excellence, thanks for your leadership and God bless our nation”. Kadogo Duke “you’re awesome Kagame!!!!!!!How about if u become a President of the whole Africa Continent?…I’ll vote for U!!!!!!!!! Eugen Ruos “Mr. president,I would like to thank you for your leadership, God protect you!!”

Beverly Mimshak Macziana: “May God continually supply His Wisdom to you Sir. You are excellent! Karim Son “Mr. President I have many things to tell you but the best one is:”You are great man”.

Nicolas Habarugira said: “for me no question but just to say that we have done much and we still have much to do. Otherwise, self reliance is one of Rwandan culture values. Peace and Prosperity to all Rwandans…”

All details are posted on President Kagame's facebook page

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