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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reason to educate girls

We have always known that to lift a man out of poverty, we must educate his mind. An educated man will improve his own welfare, but an educated women produces an educated family.

Research is very clear on this point. Regardless of the profession chosen by women, they will pass on their education to their children – simply by their presence.

Mothers infuse their lives with language from infancy on. They provide access to books and develop their children’s ability to process text thoughtfully.

They help their children imbibe rich vocabulary and an appreciation for knowledge. They expand the minds of all those they touch.

An educated woman is a force of peace, prosperity and power for her people. She will demand excellence from the school system for her children. She will demand compassion for her children with disabilities and difficulties. An educated woman enriches the world around her by her enlightened expectations ignited by her developed intelligence.

By Sarah Eary

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