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Monday, October 22, 2012

Refresher tips for technical tutors

The Workforce Development authority (WDA) on Friday concluded financial planning training for heads and teachers of several technical schools in the Southern Province.

The province has over 70 technical schools and vocational centres but 11 were chosen first to be trained for the planning, according to Gédéon Rudahunga, principal, IPRC Southern province.

It was agreed that no technical and vocational school will develop its own financial planning, as WDA has already set how the schools will work and the financial planning to follow according to Rudahunga.

According to Andre Ndahiro, the in charge of quality assurance at WDA, technical and vocational education and training centres, also known as TVETs, are generally doing well but they still face challenges, including  inadequate equipment, teachers who leave jobs for greener pastures, and the incompetence of some teachers.

Dr. Bernardin Rutwaza, the in charge of financial planning at the institution, hailed the training and acknowledged the significance of the training and the core role it will play to the performance of the schools.

Belgium, through its Belgian Technical Cooperation, has injected €6 million in the financial planning in 5 years.

By Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti

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