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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Role of globalization in education

It is important that people understand the role of globalization in education. I am a Rwandan student at The University of Queensland, Gatton campus, Australia.  This was formerly an agricultural college before it was merged with the Queensland University, Ipswich University of Technology to make The (Great) University of Queensland.

Those who are still wondering the importance of the One University scheme can be assured that it’s the only way forward. For example, though I am an agricultural oriented student, I found a good course to take at our main campus, formerly the Queensland University, but since it is one university, I registered for the course very easily and now have completed it online, from the Gatton campus.

It would have been expensive for an outsider to register for the same. If time allows I will write more on this topic.

John Kabakire, Australia

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