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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vocational skills to boost economy

The Minister of Education, Dr. Vincent Biruta, has said that promotion of vocational and technical education remains government’s priority for the country to attain a knowledge-based economy status by 2020.

While addressing the opening of second TVET expo, Biruta said the promotion of vocational education will help bridge the skills gap needed to boost the economy.

“To achieve this we must promote education at all levels and technical and vocational education should be emphasized”  

He said that the government is looking at ways of how it can promote vocational and technical education to provide enough skills needed on the local market.

“Increasing on the number of vocational schools will help the youth to acquire skills needed for our market but most importantly to help in entrepreneurship”

Currently over 69,520 students of which 31,143 are girls are enrolled in various technical schools.

 Biruta urged parents to encourage their children to opt for vocational and technical studies and change the attitude towards vocational education.

“We have to change the attitude of thinking that vocational education is for academic failures”

The Rector of Rwanda Tourism University College (RTUC), Callixte Kabera said that the training institutions have the capacity to provide   the required skills but they lack funding.

By Dias Nyesiga

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