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Saturday, November 3, 2012

School: A child-to-child approach

'Getting Ready for School: A child‐to‐child approach' is an innovative and cost‐effective way of preparing preschool-aged children and their families to enroll on time in school and to succeed once enrolled. Recognizing the lack of formal preschools and other early learning opportunities for most children in developing countries, this strategy – which supplements other early learning opportunities – builds on the natural phenomenon of younger children learning from and interacting with older children.
Through child‐to‐child interactions, the younger child develops early learning competencies and is better prepared to start school at the right age; the older child also benefits from enhanced confidence and self-esteem by taking part in the approach.
UNICEF and the Child‐to‐Child Trust (Institute of Education, University of London) have collaborated on this pilot project since 2007. Six countries participated in the pilot: Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tajikistan and Yemen.
In 2010, UNICEF completed an evaluation of the first year of this pilot project. The evaluation presents an in‐depth analysis and results at the country level as well as general conclusions based on the findings from all participating countries.
Following this evaluation and its recommendations, the pilot countries are now at different stages of programme expansion. Plans are also being developed to pilot the integration of this initiative into the Child Friendly Education approach.

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