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Thursday, November 1, 2012

SFB named top tech-savvy varsity

The School of Finance and Banking (SFB) has been ranked the best tech-savvy university in Rwanda. It also ranks  among the top one hundred East African Universities in the 2012 survey conducted by the CPS Research International, a social and market research company based in Kenya.

Over 250 institutions of higher learning including fully-fledged universities, constituent colleges and higher education institutes in Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda were part of the survey.

According to a report released yesterday, SFB took the lead with 12.08 points out 15 points followed by National University of Rwanda with 11.63 points; Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) with 10.93, Kigali Institute of Health with 9.36 and Universite Libre de Kigali in fourth position.

 The survey was carried out between April and October 2012 mostly dwelling on how universities and other institutions of higher learning in this region have embraced the use of ICT in teaching and enhancing quality and effective education.

 The results of the survey were used to rank the best 100 institutions in East Africa in adapting the use of ICT in enhancing quality university education. 

“CPS Research International conducted face-to-face interviews with institutions that granted formal interviews and also obtained information about the universities from reliable secondary data sources,” continued the report

 Research analysts in consultation with various stakeholders in higher education from both Africa and other continents analysed the data collected from every institution and compiled the results that showed the top 100 institutions in the East Africa.

Overall, Uganda’s Makerere University Business School took the lead with 13.49 points out 15 points followed by Strathmore University from Kenya with12.84points, Busitema University from Uganda came third with 12.28 and SFB was fourth with 12.08 points.

The report also observes that East African universities have embraced ICT and are competing favourably with international universities in this area.

“ICT has opened up East African universities in sharing and access of academic materials, research materials and corporate social responsibilities information. The use of websites, subscribing to academic journals, use of intranet, social media and other e-Learning tools has revolutionised the academic sector in East Africa” stated the document.

Kenyan universities are said to be leading in the use and accessibility of ICT in education in East Africa while Burundi is lagging behind, CPS observes.

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