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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

School science competitions begin

Seven schools have gathered at Lycée De Kigali to participate in a scientific competitions organized by KOICA in collaboration with Rwanda Ministry of Education.

Secondary schools contests competed in a variety of subjects including Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Schools represented include LDK, IFAK, and FAWE girls’ school, Kagarama Secondary School, St Andre, Rugunga and LNDC.

Students were enabled to put into practice what they learnt in classes. Speaking to IGIHE, Ndangamira Theodore, a science teacher at LDK said the competitions enabled pupils to learn more about practical courses in science.
Nzamurambaho Laowl and Rugwiro Roger were among contestants from IFAK. They said that the practice will enable them to become future engineers. Hayan Lee representing KOICA says the winners of the completion will win different prizes including Laptops.

Two of the winners will have a chance to tour Korea. This is the second time of such competition.The first competitions brought together schools of ESC Musanze in Northern province of Rwanda, GSO Butare in southern province and both G.S Kabare and TTC Rubengera in Eastern province. 481 pupils from 34 schools participated having rebounded from 20 schools of last year competition.

Source: Igihe

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